As you no doubt have experienced many times already, life is full of joys, challenges, surprises and transitions. Moving from one stage of life to the next can be stressful and create a certain amount of worry and concern.

Having worked hard and saved carefully throughout your adult life, one such concern right now might be whether you have enough in your pension pot to provide you with a comfortable retirement.

You don’t need to leave that thought to chance. If you’re still working and putting money into your pension pots, you still have time to increase what’s there.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Here at Oracle Pension Review, we are ready to assist you in finding out if your pensions are performing properly for you. You can expect a bespoke service that will look at everything for you — from where and how your pension is currently managed, the fees and charges you are paying and the returns you are receiving.

It’s not uncommon for a person’s pension to be underperforming. If it’s left in in an underperforming position long enough, it can be like and aeroplane going off course and ending up in Austria when it should have been in Australia.


If you are in any way confused or have any concerns about your pension, we will help clarify things for you.

We offer a full pension review with detailed report so you can see if your pension is already in the best position, or if you would be better off switching. The pension review doesn’t cost anything because we earn a commission in the event that you decide to switch.

If you don’t switch, it still doesn’t cost anything.

If you’re not ready for a full pension review just yet but you are in search of more information about your pensions, the following articles may be of interest to you:

Pension Calculator

It’s important to know ahead of time that you’ll have enough money to live the lifestyle you prefer to live. That’s where a pension calculator comes in.

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Pension Forecast

Knowing how well your pensions are performing is crucial for keeping you on track for your ideal retirement. One of the simplest and most important steps to achieving that is to get a pension forecast.

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If you’re already nearing retirement, you’ll have a few things to consider between now and your last day of work. One such consideration is how you’ll take your pension. Will you take an ‘income drawdown’ or will you invest in an annuity (or a bit of both)?

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How It Works

If you already know you would like a pension review but haven’t decided who to choose for that service, you’ll probably want to learn more.

Click here to learn more about how our pension review service works.