Baroness Altmann Targetted For Being  A Pensions “Turncoat” Against Women

Tory Peer and Pensions Minister Ros Altmann claims she was “bullied, insulted and vilified” by the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI), who called her a “turncoat”. Baroness Altmann’s refusal to support their demand to establish financial help for women born in the 50s who had seen a five-year setback to their state pension age had earned her “incessant tweets and emails, trolling, insults and many swear words,” said the Baroness.

“These women have emailed me horrid and vile messages, such as hoping I get struck down with cancer, that I’m a traitor, a turncoat and that I’ve sold my soul to the devil.”

Altmann added:

“I can’t begin to describe how hurtful and hateful the comments about me have been. The insults and the bullying of the campaigners have really shocked me.

“I’ve found it very, very distressing. I’m not looking for sympathy but I’ve been bullied, I’ve been insulted and I’ve been vilified. As someone who has spent my life trying to help people with their pensions, I’ve never seen a campaign that seems to be so personal.”

“This campaign isn’t about equality. It’s actually advocating state pension inequality. The pension changes simply bring women into line with men. It doesn’t make sense for women to be expecting to get their state pensions before men can claim theirs. Why do they think they are a special case?

She added that WASPI is misleading people that they are demanding reasonable rights for women. She also iterated that the current government has to make some “difficult choices”.