How The Oracle Pension Review Service Works

Oracle pension review — how it works

Getting the maximum income for your retirement is our priority. We aim to provide you with clear, accurate, precise and unbiased information so that the monthly income you draw from your pension is the most it can be.

The pension review report you receive will give you the tools you need to make the best choices and decisions now, which will affect how you live some years from now. When your retirement is near, you will have the opportunity to substantially increase your monthly pension income by purchasing an annuity from the firm that will offer you the best rate.

No Fees and No Obligation

There is no fee for our service and you are not under any obligation to proceed with any of the suggestions we make to you. If you do decide to act on the information provided to you, such as switching pension providers, we will receive a commission for introducing you to the new provider.

Step 1

It’s simple to get started. Just pop your details into the contact form and a member of our team will call you. She will gather some necessary information from you so that we can then begin looking to improve upon your current arrangement.

Before that part of the process can happen, you will need to have signed and returned the form sent to you. Part of the form is what is known as the Letter of Authority (LoA). This gives us permission to request information and act on your behalf.


For you, there is nothing else to do.

Once your signed Letter of Authority has been received, we will then begin your pension review process. Once it has been completed, you will receive a pack that allows you to see how well your current pension pots are performing. The pack will also show you how they could be performing better, unless you already have the best deal.

Should you wish to make changes based on our findings, you can get in touch to instruct us to make those changes for you.

Step 3

Once your instructions have been received, we will in turn instruct the relevant companies to perform these requests for you.

Step 4

Enjoy getting on with your current day to day life, safe in the knowledge that you are on track for a very enjoyable retirement.

Get Started Right Away (Or Ask Questions)

If you’re ready to get started with your no obligation pension review, pop your details into the short form and we’ll call you right away.

If you have questions before you decide whether to get started or not, you can either call us for free on 0800 031 6078 or you can use the same form so we can call you instead.