MPs Call For Advanced Women’s Early Access To State Pension

The Work and Pensions Select Committee is calling for the UK government to allow retiring and elderly women early access to their state pension. Echoing the call of the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI), the MPs want the government to give financial assistance to women who have to wait a few more years until they receive their pensions upon their retirement.

The pension age was accelerated from 60 to 66 in the year 2020, which would mean thousands of retiring women have to wait about six years until they receive their pensions without taxes. Ministers are pressuring government areas to place transitional help for about 500,000 women born in the 50s.

The Committee suggested that ministers consider allowing women in hte concerned age group to claim their state pension sooner than what is scheduled. In exchange, the women may receive slightly lower weekly payments for the duration of their retirement.

According to Labour MP and Committee Chairman Frank Field, the government needs to work on the scheme effectively before they introduce it. He hoped the idea would “open up debate” among MPs on all sides.

According to Conservative MP John Glen, it was necessary to find “transitional arrangements, but implemented in an affordable way.”