Three Ways To Know If A Non-UK Resident Could Enjoy UK’s Pension Services

Habitual Resident

Despite not having an official test, non-UK workers still need to pass certain criteria imposed by pension companies.

For one to be eligible, the pension company would look on your habitual residence up to the point your contract is taken out. This identifies your address. This should also be reflected on your contract.

This deems you as a habitual resident of the United Kingdom. But still, some providers may choose to reject you despite fulfilling these minimum requirements.

Tax Relief

Your tax relief on your pensions depends on your company. If your company is eligible, even if you’re eligible for pension or not, you receive tax relief on your pensions.

Personal Tax Relief

To qualify for personal tax relief, you need to:

Have relevant UK earnings chargeable to UK income tax for that year

Have been tax resident in the UK at some time during that year

Have been tax resident in the UK at some time during the five tax years immediately before that year and when they became a member of the pension scheme, or

They, or their spouse/civil partner, need to have had general earnings from overseas Crown employment subject to UK tax for that year