Is Your Pension Forecast Keeping You On Track?

Pension Forecast

Knowing how well your pensions are performing is crucial for keeping you on track for your ideal retirement. One of the simplest and most important steps to achieving that is to get a pension forecast.

A pension forecast will show you how well each of your pensions are performing. It will also help to give you an indication of whether your contributions need to be increased in order to provide you with your desired level of income in your retirement.

How Do I Get A Pension Forecast?

Getting a pension forecast is really quite simple. If you are doing it by yourself, all you need to do is contact the firm that is currently looking after your pension and request a forecast from them.

They will provide you with a breakdown of how your pension is currently performing. This will also include what your pension is likely to be worth upon your retirement.

If you are looking to get a full pension review from us, then a pension forecast from each of your pension providers is included in the service. Click here to learn more about getting a pension review with a pension forecast.

Remembering All of Your Pensions

If you have more than one pension, each provider will need to be contacted separately to request a forecast. It’s quite common, for example, for people to have a company pension as well as the state pension. If you have a pension from a previous employer that was never transferred, or if you have your own private pension, you will need to get a forecast for those too.

To get a state pension forecast, you can visit the government state pension website here.

Get Help With Your Pension Forecast

You can get help with getting a pension forecast for each of your pensions. Choose a pension review with us and the forecasts will be included as part of your overall package.

If you would like to learn more about how the overall process works, read more about how it works here.

Have Questions?

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