Women Allowed to Retire Earlier Than Pensions Age with Consequent Provisions Cut

Labour will let WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) to retire as early as 64 years old in exchange for a lower pension.

The organisation has called for state officials to consider the living conditions of these women who had worked since the 50s. They are the most to suffer from pension setbacks brought about by the equalisation of the pension age for both men and women, yet the government did not inform them about the changes.

According to Shadow Work and Pension Secretary Debbie Abrahams, the Labour government will allow women to receive their pensions at 64 accompanied by pension cuts. The amounts can range from 5%-12%.

Debbie Abrahams said that the injustice faced by 1950s-born women will end once the Labour party announces its proposals in its manifesto. She added that the party is calling on the government to allow those affected by the unequal pensions to receive their due immediately.

If the women reached the pension age of 66, they can receive £155.65 weekly as part of their state pensions. Retiring at 64, these women will receive £137 weekly. Women born between 6 August 1953 to 5 April 1960, about 2.6 million women, will receive the benefit of earlier retirement.