UK Pension Companies Rescued By Swaps, Gilts And Hard Cash

Over the last decade a group of 24 FTSE companies have created a pensions surplus in 2014up from 21 in 2013. According to Hymans Robertson, a UK-based pensions consultancy, the combined deficit of UK private sector funds increased from £250 billion from the start of the millennium to £900 billion today.

Companies have paid £500 billion into the schemes currently.

However, the company the pension funds may be hurt by a few factors including their large bet on equity funds still ‘have the level expected in 2000’. Companies had also failed to protect themselves against falling interest rates, making them 50% liable. The third is the rising life expectancy that would add a further 10% to 15% to their current bills.

Pension companies are directly affected by economic changes and industry decisions. Equities have failed to increase, but many of the companies thrived effectively by using different strategies.

Pension company 3i had invested £610 of their assets to UK government gifts. They have also used £213 million investing in corporate bonds.

Employer payments had helped the £1 billion fund from 77% insolvency in 2004 and had improved it to a 128% today. It had boosted its pension payments from £13 million to £60 million during the fiscal year end last March 31, 2005.