Women Advised To Claim For Jobseeker’s Allowance As Pensions Age Hits

Tory Minister Shaleish Vara said women whose pensions were hit by the rapid growth of the pensions age should claim for jobseeker’s allowance instead to compensate for the damages. This move has the Labour party accuse the Tory MP of adding insult to injury. MP Vara had stressed that critics of the rapid pensions age should see the Tory plan in “broad context”.

Women born after April 1953 will have their state pension age raised up to 18 months to equalise their age with men by 2020, which is the age of 66. Due to a lack of announcement, many women said they were not given enough time to prepare and their retirement plans have been “shattered”, according to The Mirror.

Vara said:

“We need to look at things in a broad context. There are a whole lot of other benefits that are available to the women who may be affected.

“For example there’s jobseeker’s allowance, there’s Employment and Support Allowance, there’s income support, carers’ allowance, Personal Independence Payments.

“And let us not forget also that pensions will be uprated, there’s the triple lock, there’s the simplified new state pension which is coming in in April, pension freedom which allows those who have a pension to have some flexibility.

“Cold weather payments, there’s a permanent increase there. Winter fuel payments have been protected – over 12 million pensioners benefited from that last year.

“So it is important we look at things in a broad context rather than simply looking at people in the narrow confines that people prefer to debate in this chamber at the moment.”

According to Labour Shadow Pensions Minister Angela Rayner, Vara’s comments further insulted women’s pensions troubles caused by the rapid pensions age rise.

Rayner said:

“We need a bit less arrogance and a bit more honesty from this Tory team that’s failing so many British women.”

Tory MP Sir Edward said he encouraged transitional relief and just the same, was dumbfounded by Vara’s statement.